Congregation from Pipestone, Minnesota visits Mission Central

It was indeed one of those VERY, VERY, VERY special days that God had arranged in advance.  The temperate and day was just perfect…and that’s when the Lord had the saints from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Pipestone, Minnesota come to visit the world famous Mission Central!

This group of NOT NORMAL people arrived at 10:00AM, and this group was led by Rev. Cliff Adair and Rev. Evan G. Schiller.  What a blessing to have them spend the day.  They had the FULL TOUR, and they witnessed the office tour, the Creation Theater Tour, and the Barn Museum Tour.

This group received a special noon meal prepared by our Volunteer Cooks, and what a blessing!  Then after the noon meal, they were able to hear a report on our LCMS Missionaries presented by Rev. Brent Smith, and they also received an introduction to our newest LCMS Missionary going to Sri Lanka, Vicar Ben Vanderhyde and his family.

Here you see in the attached pictures, the picture of the bus that arrived, and also Rev. Smith presenting in the barn, and the group eating, and in the Creation Theater.  It was a day that they will long, long remember.