September 13th, 2019 was indeed a very, very, very special day at the Lord’s Mission Central.  We were able to welcome one of the finest missionaries that we have in all of Eurasia and Russia.  The Honorable Cindy Wrucke from the Czech Republic was presenting here.  Chelsea Irwin from Lincoln, Nebraska was also present as a special guest who wanted to meet Cindy and they will BOTH be in this country working for the Lord Jesus!

Cindy gave such an excellent presentation, and some of the people said, “Oh, we could have listened for another hour!”  It was such a blessing to hear from our missionary who is serving in the DARKEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!  Yes, 80% of the people of the Czech Republic are total admitted atheists, and do NOT EVEN BELIEVE THERE IS A GOD!

What a blessing to hear stories and see pictures of this part of the world.  Here you see the picture of dear Cindy in front of our Boss here in our office, and also pictures of her presenting to the group and also the group praying for her and our new Czech Republic Missionary the Honorable Chelsea Irwin and sending the both of these missionaries.  Chelsea is also pictured with our Boss!

The final picture is of Old Missionary Gary receiving a special gift of love from the pastors of the Czech Republic, which was a very, very special plate from this country.  It was a day we will never, never forget!