Grüße im Namen unseres Herrn und Erlösers Jesus Christus!

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


Our refugees Christmas Treff will be on 8 Dec (Sunday) after church service. 

Please send Christmas Cards to:

Carl Cecil

Weststr 1

01157 Dresden



Please have Christmas cards or gifts arrive by 2 Dec 19


Christmas Treff Plan:

•        The Christmas Story in German, Farsi

•        Lunch – Persian, German, American

•        Songs – Sing along, German, American

•        Decorate Christmas Tree

•        Gift exchange

•        Christmas cards from America…


Also, consider donating a USABLE Windows computer laptop that is void of personal information.  Many refugees don’t have computers and they are essential for living here in Germany.


Thank you for your assistance…


Gott segne dich!  God bless you!



Dein Bruder und deine Schwester in Christus,

Carl & Karen

Carl & Karen Cecil

LCMS Missionaries

+0-703-585-9651 (WhatsApp)


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There are over 120 total Refugees in our ministry, below are our Refugee Children:

  1. Diana R. (F, 6 years)
  2. Pouyan K. (M, 8 years)
  3. Anika K. (F, 1 year)
  4. Setayesh N. (F, 12 years)
  5. Dariush N. (M, 15 years)
  6. Aylin S. (F, 8 years)
  7. Arad S. (M, 6 years)
  8. JT. Baby (F, 1 year)
  9. Anila B. (F, 1 year)
  10. Sevda F.(F, 6 years)
  11. Ahmadreza S. (M, 16 years)
  12. Maral S. (F, disabled 32 years)
  13. Arshida K. (F, 6 years)
  14. Ahoora K. (M, 9 years)
  15. Arshia S. (M, 19 years)
  16. Mahdi T (M, 15 years)
  17. Makan A. (M, 16 years)
  18. Iyad N. (M, 3 years)
  19. Taha A. (M, 5 years)