Cayman Islands Mission

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Safe Harbour Lutheran Church began life in 2001, bringing the
Gospel of Jesus Christ to both native and ex-pat residents as well as
tourists and visitors to this island territory of the United Kingdom. Once
a part of Jamaica, the Caymans have thrived materially as a very small
English-speaking enclave surrounded by much larger and more populous
Spanish-speaking islands and countries.
There is currently no permanent missionary stationed in the
Caymans. Safe Harbour is being served on a rotating basis by volunteer
pastors, most retired, under the supervision of area facilitator Rev.
Charles St-Onge. The hope is that this “doing more with less” model will
be temporary. With the Lord’s blessing, prayers continue for a more
permanent presence and mission. There are three significant mission
needs that the Lord is laying before the people and temporary
missionaries working on Grand Cayman, the most populous of the three
The first is the opportunity for work among the Spanish speaking
population. There is a long-standing connection between Cuba and the
Caymans, and refugees from the large island to the north have continued
to seek asylum in the British territory. Safe Harbour continues to visit,
show mercy and provide bible studies for a group of Cuban asylum
seekers in a camp on Grand Cayman.
The second is need for quality early-childhood education. The
government of the Cayman Islands recognizes that there are not enough
spaces for 2-, 3- and 4-year olds. An early childhood centre would open
ministry opportunities as well as providing Safe Harbour Lutheran
Church with a more permanent physical address.
The last opportunity is for work among native Caymanians. While
ministry to ex-pats and tourists is important, the native population also
needs to hear the pure Good News of our salvation from sin in Jesus
Christ. The desire would be to see a native Caymanian become the pastor
of the Lutheran congregation and leader of the mission.