Caitlin Ramirez (Peru) Update – December 2022

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December 2022 Newsletter from
the Ramirez Family

Advent celebrations. Christmas preparations. Outreach operations. 

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We love Advent! This year it has been wonderful to be here together in family with the church in Peru, beginning to establish new traditions and ways to share together and celebrate the arrival of our Savior and His gifts for us.

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Pastor Jeancarlos has been busy with daily chapel in Castillo Fuerte, weekly bible studies at church and home visits with the members of the congregation to get to know everyone. Deaconess Caitlin has had Advent ladies nights at various congregations with bible study and sharing time. We are so thankful that the Advent activities have provided an intersection between the normal events of the church and the afterschool programing of Castillo Fuerte. Together the staff and volunteers of the congregation have been working to prepare the kids for their Christmas pageant. We’ve also been able to take advantage of the holiday excitement to hold new outreach and evangelism events. 

Ladies at the congregation of Los Olivos had an Advent Women’s night. We talked about the star which reminds us of God’s faithfulness to His promises. Deaconess Caitlin was able to repeat this bible study and ladies event at our church in La Victoria as well. 

Outreach & Evangelism Events:

             Across all the mission sites we have been busy with special events to bring new people into the churches and share the good news of jesus with them. In San Borja we have gotten Coffee & Conversation started again. This English as a Second Language practice event started about 10 years ago, but with no American missionaries in Peru the program stopped about 5 years ago. Deaconess Caitlin has gotten this event started again. We typically have about 10 people for a weekly English practice class. In December the English students, who are mostly non-members will be joining the congregation for a Christmas program in English to show off their skills and continue practicing.

The church and Castillo Fuerte in Los Olivos have had several more outreach events to welcome the community into the church. In November we had another family day in the park, the first week of December a movie night at church and we will finish the month with a Christmas party for children.

Pictured Below: Evanglism Event Family Afternoon in the Park 

               In La Victoria Castillo Fuerte partnered with a local beauty school, the students came to the church to offer haircuts, hair styles and manicures for free to members of the community. Castillo Fuerte staff offered some teaching on having a beautiful smile by regularly brushing your teeth and keeping good personal hygiene. Together we served the community and shared about our inner beauty found in Christ who washes us and presents us as a beautiful bride before our heavenly Father and Creator.  

All the mission sites will be finishing the year out with Chocolatadas, Christmas events for the children of the community sharing God’s love with them and the true importance of the birth of this little babe, His path to the cross for our salvation. Please pray for these outreach events with us and check out our facebook page later this month for photos and videos. 

Prayers Request

Jeancarlos’ once again needs treatment for his Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). We began treatment for this condition 5 years ago. The Lord was faithful to us and and provided great care and treatment was successful. After radiology the doctors advised that we wait 3-5 years to see the effects. Jeancarlos has been without symptoms over the last 4 years, however this year he has been suffering symptoms which the neurologist believes are the result of the AVM and that it is time to move forward with further treatment. We will be seeking further care and treatment in the coming months. We ask for your prayers during this time.

Please Pray with us for:

– We give thanks for the visit of family at Thanksgiving. .

– Please pray for Caitlin’s residency application in Peru.

– Please pray for Jeancarlos’ health.

– Please pray for Coffee & Conversation English outreach. 

Pray for the ministry of Castillo Fuerte in Los Olivos that we may have more contacts and serve the community better.

– We give thanks for the joint efforts of our staff and church members to celebrate Christmas and prepare the children for their Christmas pageant.

We are so thankful for your gifts and prayers! It would not be possible for us to serve as missionaries without your support at home. As the need for missionaries is constant so is the need for financial support. Please prayerfully consider giving another gift (as the Lord makes possible) to support the ongoing work of sharing of the Good News of Jesus with our world. 

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