Board members of the Gary and Maxine Thies Mission Foundation visit Mission Central

The work of the Lord’s Mission Central MUST continue after the founders, Gary and Maxine Thies, are in their real home in heaven!  This CAN be accomplished by the establishment of the Gary and Maxine Thies Mission Foundation.

This special Foundation will provide the overhead and administrative costs for many years in the future, in order that more and more missionaries can be sent to share the message of our dear Lord Jesus to lands of great darkness.

We MUST send missionaries to “ALL THE WORLD”, as indicated by the words of Jesus in Mark 16:15.  That’s a command and we must follow the command of our Savior the Son of God!  Many people in the world have never even heard the name of Jesus, and it is the calling of the Foundation to carry on with this work for many years to come.

Gary serves as president of the Foundation, and the Vice Chairman is Rev. Brad Birtell of Columbus, Nebraska.  The Secretary of the Foundation is Rev. Ben Kaiser from York, Nebraska, the Treasurer is the Honorable Jim Schroeder of Laurel, Nebraska.  The other board members are Seth Kaiser of Glenwood, Iowa and Rev. Rick Kanoy of Arlington, Nebraska.

Their photos have all be taken in front of the world famous painting of our dear Lord Jesus painted by Warner Sallman in 1940, which is the most reproduced picture in the world!