Big crowd from Iowa and Nebraska comes to Mission Central



Do you know what kind of people come to visit the world famous Mission Central???  YES, YOU GOT IT!!!  Only people who are NOT NORMAL!  People who are not like people of this world….they are in the world but NOT OF THE WORLD.  They are different…they are special, and they don’t care how far they drive!  They have Jesus living in their hearts.  Who and what kind of people come to this place….??

On Saturday the 17th of February the Lord sent people from:  Tilden, Pleasant Dale, Omaha, Crete, Plattsmouth, and Madison, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Kingsley, Anthon, Burt, and Denison, Iowa, as well as Kaiserslautern, Germany! JUST AMAZING!

Here in these pictures you see these NOT NORMAL people being fed, in the barn and in our new Creation Theater.  What a JOY and blessing to have these special people come and hear how the Lord did indeed create all of the animals on the 6th day of Creation and how the Word became flesh and dwelt among us!