Asia superstars come to Mission Central













It truly was a day for SPECIAL MIRACLES.  Yes, to normal people a day when snow is predicted and the weathermen are “yelling” horrible storm, yes, then ONLY NOT NORMAL people come to Mission Central.  That’s just what happened on the 24th of February.

Both special people were here at Mission Central…Rev. J. P. Cima and his daughter Celeste, and Carol Halter all the way from half way around the world on this SPECIAL day.  We had about 60 people scheduled to come and the ladies had prepared the food, but with bad weather predicted a small number did come, and what a day it was!!!

Wonderful reports were given by both of these special people, and what a display was brought by Carol Halter!  A very, very special group of people were able to attend and hear the work that these two people are doing.  We were able to pray for them and send them off….here you see the two special folks from Asia, and also the NOT NORMAL people that came to pray for them and send them off, from Farnamville, Iowa, Norfolk, Nebraska and Bella Vista, Arkansas!    They even gathered in the barn for a tour….here you see them in front of the altar in the barn.