What a JOY and BLESSING to welcome our Volunteers for a very, very special day to thank them for kindness in volunteering their time, efforts and help at the Lord’s Mission Central.

In the attached four pictures you will see the group of some of the 23 volunteer typists that work in their homes to type our thank you letters, then you will see the group that came that numbered nearly 100 people!

It was indeed a wonderful day and each year we have a special catered meal as a way of thanking these dear friends for their help, and we have a report for them to share how the Lord has blessed us here at Mission Central.  This past fiscal year we were blessed with over 10 million dollars for the support of our dear missionaries in our period from July 1st, 2022, to June 30th, 2023.

None of this could happen without the help of our dear volunteers that the Lord has sent to us!  It was a day we will long remember!