It was another long, long, long week, with the Lord sending special people to be here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  Every single day this week we have had special NOT NORMAL people coming to this place!

Sunday was no exception on October 16th, 2022.  Missionary Gary had to leave early to get to Zion Lutheran Church at Arcadia, Iowa and what a JOY to work with Rev. Ben Dose and his congregation for the children’s message, the Bible Class and then the report to this dear congregation!

After making 2 calls in Schleswig, Iowa on the way home Gary was able to get home about 3:00PM.  Upon arriving at the office at Mission Central….I noticed we had special visitors down at the little wayside prayer chapel.  Then I realized they were Mark and Diane Niebuhr from Blairstown, Iowa….where they are members that attend the world famous St. John Lutheran Church at Newhall, Iowa.  What a wonderful congregation where Missionary Gary has spoken so many times over the years!

It was suppose to happen, because Mark and Diane had not seen the Lord’s Creation Theater!  We were able to offer a special tour for them this Sunday afternoon, and we were SUPPOSE TO MEET!  The Lord had it planned that way!!!

Here you see our dear friends Mark and Diane in our office with our Boss in the background.  God’s timing is just ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!