Amazing youth and adults come to Mission Central


What a JOY to welcome some very, very, very NOT NORMAL people who came from all over the mid-west to spend their day on July 19th at the world famous Mission Central!!!

Yes, here you see in THE LORD’S CREATION THEATER, some very, very not normal people. These three pictures exemplify the type of people that the Lord sends to HIS Mission Central.  On a Thursday on July 19th, the Lord sent these dear friends to come and see what God can do in the middle of NOWHERE in the hills of western Iowa.   What a Joy to welcome folks from all over Iowa and Nebraska to spend a day at a MIRACLE PLACE called “Mission Central”.

These three pictures show the youth that came and were dressed up in the clothing from “all over the world”, and in the Creation Theater this group had the privilege of seeing what the Lord truly created on the 6th day of CREATION….in just one day.  Also you see these special NOT NORMAL PEOPLE having their lunch that was furnished by our dear, dear Volunteer cooks for the day!!!

The Youth and Adults will never, never forget their time here at the Lord’s Mission Central in the middle of nowhere in the hills of Western Iowa…..