Each year at Christmas Time, a very, very, very NOT NORMAL family gathers in Southern Iowa so that all of the children of the Bruce and Jean Wagoner Family can once again be together!

But, what is so NOT NORMAL about this family?  Well, first of all each member of the family truly has Jesus living in their hearts! However, some amazing facts that few people don’t realize:

 1. Bruce and Jean were blessed to have 12 children in their family on their farm near Clarinda, Iowa.

2. One of the amazing things is the fact that this family was blessed with the gift of music and wonderful voices to praise the Lord.

3. When the family was all home on the farm, this family sang many times on the radio, and were much in demand to entertain folks from all over that part of the world!

4. The family never, never lost their love for each member of their family.

5. God blessed this family in so many ways, and each member of this family has a GREAT AND WONDERFUL VISION FOR THE MISSION OF OUR LORD JESUS!

This family has traveled to Mission Central a number of times, and are truly part of the “Mission Central Family”.  This December, once again, the family gathered at the George and Kim Wagoner home in Atlantic, Iowa and there as they were gathered together to pray and sing together for “one more time”.  Bruce and Jean are in our real home, waiting for their children, but each of them have work to do for the Lord Jesus…and they are doing it!
Here you see the family gathered together!  WHAT A NOT NORMAL FAMILY!!!!