Amazing “Not Normal” missionaries from Geneva, Nebraska come to Mission Central

Who would in this world take their motorhome and drive from Geneva, Nebraska to a place in the middle of the hills of Western Iowa to an old set of farm buildings to spend a week of working like Slaves, painting, caulking, pouring and mixing cement, repairing gutters, spraying, painting entrances, touching up painting, painting walls, fixing chimneys, cleaning bathrooms, laying new vinyl, and cleaning the wayside prayer chapel, and on and on…..who would do something like that???? ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE “NOT NORMAL”.

Yes, Richard and Joyce Baines, special volunteer missionaries from Geneva, Nebraska came and spent a week doing all the jobs that needed to be done here at the Lord’s Mission Central!  They came at “just the right time” to do all of the jobs that needed to be done, but there just wasn’t time to do all of them.  But, our God can do anything, and HE called these folks at “just the right time” to help with HIS Mission Central.

We can ever thank God enough for sending people to this MIRACLE PLACE, and what a JOY to see that God is still CALLING people to do HIS work.  We can’t begin to thank them enough for their help.

Here you see Richard in action and both of these dear folks in front of our Boss here at the Lord’s Mission Central.