Long time friends are special!  The Lord brings people to Mission Central at “just the right time”!!!
Recently, our dear, dear, dear friends in Christ, Jim and Mary Andersen came to visit MISSION CENTRAL.  These dear and special Catholic Christian friends truly know Jesus as their Savior, and they wanted their grandchildren, Lyncoln and Alyssa to see what God can do in the middle of the hills of western Iowa.

Yes, it was a “life changing experience” for this family, and they could easily see what God has done here in the middle of “nowhere” with an old set of farm buildings.  This is indeed a real MIRACLE PLACE that only God could have provided for ALL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE…!!!  The Lord isn’t going to ask us if we are Lutheran when HE calls us to our real home in heaven.

We were so happy to see Jim and Mary and their grandchildren, and it made a HUGE difference in the lives of Alyssa and Lyncoln.

The Virus Pandemic HAS NOT HAD AN IMPACT ON THE LORD’S MISSION CENTRAL.  This past week we had 6….yes, six tour groups that came to see what the Lord can do in the hills of Western Iowa with an old set of farm buildings!  The virus has not STOPPED “HIS” PEOPLE FROM COMING HERE TO HEAR ABOUT OUR DEAR LORD JESUS AND WHAT HE CAN DO IN THE WORLD TODAY!

The Lord uses families and groups who are NOT NORMAL to come and see what HE has done.  It’s NOT about zoom and the things of this day….it’s about being personal and loving HIS special people like the Andersen Family!!!!