Something very, very special happened on March 27th, 2022 at St. Paul Lutheran Church in West Point, Nebraska.  Yes, on that wonderful day Rev. John Gierke was installed as shepherd of the congregation at 3:00PM in the afternoon.

Old Missionary Gary was able to attend this event, and what a JOY to be with the Gierke Family.  Here you see a picture of Rev. John Gierke and his friend Gary.  For 28 years Missionary Gary has had the privilege of knowing, loving and being a part of the Gierke Family.  The Lord put this family in this journey to encourage and keep the work for the Lord Jesus going day after day at the world-famous Mission Central!

It was a special day because Rev. Gierke’s dad, Rev. Charles Gierke and his family was there, also his Uncles Rev. Tim Gierke and Rev. Eugene Gierke and their families were all there also.  What a wonderful event and one that we will never, never forget!