There are many people who can’t figure out what goes on at this “miracle place” called the Lord’s Mission Central!  In fact a man in Mapleton, Iowa, just 2 miles West of Mission Central, when asked by visitors from Michigan said, “Hey, what goes on there at this place out there at Mission Central?”….and the man said, “Don’t you folks know?….that’s a cult and people come from all over the United States and he takes their money and keeps it!!!!!”….but that’s part of the darkness in this world today.

However, Wednesday the 24th of August, was another real “MIRACLE TIME”…  Yes, we do get to see real miracles out here, and God sends people here, and HIS timing is just perfect!!! It was one of those days that Old Missionary Gary was working in his office and when this dear lady came to visit, I could tell absolutely immediately that this lady was truly NOT NORMAL.  The Lord had truly arranged this special meeting!

The Honorable Missionary Mother, Joan Krey, after driving all across the United States stopped at this place in the middle of nowhere in the hills of Western Iowa.  What an honor and blessing to have this special mom come to visit this humble place!  Yes, she is the mother of Missionaries Rev. Ted Krey, Missionary Nurse Tirzah Krey, Missionary James Krey, and Missionary Johanna Stinnett and her husband, Missionary Eric Stinnett!  Wow, and BOY, does she ever really “get it”.  This dear lady and old Missionary Gary are exactly on the “same page”….in fact when old Missionary Gary grows up he wants to be just like Joan Krey!

Joan and Gary had the privilege of praying together to start their tour of this MIRACLE PLACE, and a final prayer in the little wayside prayer chapel before she headed down to St. Louis where she will be meeting her son, The Honorable Rev. Ted Krey, the supreme allied commander of all of Latin America for the missionaries of the LCMS Office of International Missions.  Here you see Joan in our normal “trade mark position with our Boss in the background”….and also Gary and Joan in the little chapel with our Jesus behind us!