July 28th, was indeed a very special Sunday for all of us at Mission Central!  What a JOY and blessing to travel to Redeemer Lutheran Church in Sioux City, Iowa for a VERY, VERY “NOT NORMAL EVENT”…the dear folks at Redeemer Lutheran in Sioux City wanted to something special for one of the very NOT NORMAL members, and that member was Ruth Simon.  They wanted to honor Ruth on her 90th Birthday…and what a wonderful gathering that was so well attended.

Old Missionary Gary was able to travel to Sioux City after speaking in the morning and afternoon at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Bancroft, Nebraska, and what a blessing to be with Pastor Henschen and the congregation there.

Missionary Ruth Simon has been such a very, very, very faithful friend and supporter of the world famous Mission Central.  It was kind of Rev. Russ Senstad and Rev. Dave Zirpel to allow Old Missionary Gary to be part of this event.  However, what many did not know is that we were able to present Ruth with an honorary doctorate at this event.  So, from now on it will no longer be “Missionary Ruth Simon”…IT WILL BE “MISSIONARY DR. RUTH SIMON”!!!  Here you see Old Missionary Gary presenting the doctorate to Dr. Ruth Simon!!

It truly was a day we will long, long remember and what a JOY to spend the time with so, so, so many of the special friends of Mission Central.  All of us here at Mission Central love Redeemer Lutheran, and so many, many of their members are truly NOT NORMAL!!!!…WITHOUT FRIENDS LIKE THESE COULD NOT HAVE CONTINUED ALL OF THESE YEARS!!!