One of the words and fraises that Old Missionary Gary just DOES NOT LIKE TO HEAR IS:  “BOY, YOU SURE ARE LUCKY”!!!  Here at the Lord’s Mission Central we NEVER use the words luck or coincidence!!!!!

If the Lord knows the number of hairs on our head and when a little sparrow falls to the ground….HE KNOWS EVERYTHING AND ALWAYS HAS HIS PEOPLE AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT “JUST THE RIGHT TIME”.  Our God knows everything!

On Sunday the 20th of June, we had another one of those “blessings” and “Miracles” that took place!  This past month we lost one of our Volunteer Typists who had been such a helper.  I was a little concerned and wondered how we were going to replace this dear, dear friend!

On that Sunday of June 20th, Old Missionary Gary had the privilege of speaking in the service and the Bible Class at Calvary Lutheran Church in Sioux City, Iowa.  God put a very, very NOT NORMAL couple at that event!   Missionaries Denny and Julie Barto were SUPPOSED to be there and they came also to the Bible Class!  After the Bible Class this special couple stayed and we visited until all others were gone….and they mentioned that Denny retired from his mechanic work.  Julie told me that in 8 days she was retiring from her vocation as an executive secretary and special director at her medical facility.  They indicated they wanted to do something special for our Jesus!

WOW, when I asked them if Dennis might be interested in helping with some mechanic work here…and HE SAID YES!  Then I asked Julie if she ever used the old fashioned “transcribers” and she said, yes, yes….and I about cried!  She would be willing to help and come for some training!

GOD PROVIDED FOR TWO NEW VOLUNTEER STAFF MEMBERS, JUST WHEN THEY WERE NEEDED!  Dennis and Julie live in Sioux City, Iowa and are willing to help!  What a JOY to see how the Lord provides at “just the right time”.
We want to welcome Dennis and Julie Barto, Special Volunteers at JUST THE RIGHT TIME!  PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS GOODNESS!  Pictured here are our two newest Volunteer Staff Members!  Dr. Dale Meyer of St. Louis was our NEWEST VOLUNTEER STAFF MEMBERS, but now, Dale…Denny and Julie are now the newest ones, and if they do well, we will triple their pay!