A group of 38 “Not Normal” people send the Thanksgiving mailing

All people that we deal with at Mission Central fully and completely understand that here at this MIRACLE PLACE we only send out ONE MAILING A YEAR!  That mailing goes out about Thanksgiving time, in order to especially thank the dear friends that are NOT NORMAL who have helped with our missionaries support and projects during the past year.  So many of our friends just “wait” until it arrives so that they can have the opportunity to pray for some of our missionaries.

The annual mailing is very special, and this past year the Lord allowed us to send out about 7,000 of the envelopes!  What a job to get them all sealed, the stamp put on, and stuffed in the envelopes.  However, God CALLS special NOT NORMAL people to gather and help with this effort as the Lord’s special “Annual Mailing Volunteers”.

This year we were so blessed to be able to send the annual mailing with the help of our Volunteer Annual Mailing Specialist, Kathryn Sprecher of Des Moines, Iowa.  She was able to gather 38 people from 12 congregations in the Des Moines, Iowa area on the 18th of November and in ONE DAY, this group was able to send out all of these envelopes, as they gathered at Trinity Lutheran Church in Des Moines, Iowa.

Here you see this special and wonderful group of Volunteers all seated and ready to go to work for the Lord Jesus and HIS missionaries.  All of these people are truly NOT NORMAL…they are SPECIAL!  We thank the Lord for sending these helpers at “just the right time”.