A flock of ox pecker birds arrive from Africa?

As you all know, we have real MIRACLES happen here at the Lord’s Mission Central!  ANOTHER ONE HAPPENED TODAY!!!  Yes, we had a “flock” of unusual birds arrive today.  These birds are called “Ox Peckers”…and they live in Africa, and their number one job is to land on the Cape Buffalo in Africa and they peck out the ticks that attach themselves to the Cape Buffalo and you will see them “riding along” on these animals.

The Lord sent an amazing artist, the Honorable Missionary Dr. Michael Burger of Davenport, Nebraska and he was able to create this flock of birds to land on our 2 Cape Buffalo in the Lord’s Creation Theater here at Mission Central.  Dr. Burger is the one that created some of the “bodies” for our animals in the Teater, that helped so much to make the animals really come alive!!!

Here you see the Cape Buffalo with their new “friends” who will help to keep them clean of those ticks!