3 Devotions baswes on upcoming Sundy-19 aftee Pentecost

19th Sunday After Pentecost-Old Testament

TEXT: Isaiah 25:6-9

TITLE: Tears-The Overflow Fluid of the Heart


The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces” Isa.25:8


Sometimes we can be so happy we can’t control ourselves. The overflow valve of our heart gets stuck in the ‘on’ position and tears of joy spew forth. Also, we’re all too aware of the other kind of tears. There are tears which come from deep within our heart when we suffer the loss of a loved one or physical pain. That overflow valve can remain stuck open for a long time until some kind of comfort or relief occurs. One can only wonder how such divergent liquid can originate from the same source. 


It’s been said that the first tear shed when it comes to our suffering is from God. Its obvious God does not like sad tears. His promise is that there will be no more tears, no more pain, and no more suffering. We look forward to that blessed day made possible for us by His Son-Jesus, who also knew tears. He wept. He shed tears from the cross as He experienced the wrath and pain of sin’s penalty in our stead. Also, because He knows our every pain, He provides us His peace. God rejoices with us in our tears of joy and with His peace helps us deal with those other tears till He fulfills His promise above. Praise God for His mercy endures forever!


Dear Heavenly Father, may we know Your peace amidst all our trials and suffering, in Jesus Name, Amen.



19th Sunday After Pentecost-Epistle

TEXT: Philippians 4:4-13

TITLE: Rejoice-The King’s In!


Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, rejoice!” Philippians 4:4


In the little country of Monaco there’s a special flag that flies when the King is in the castle and there’s a little saying that goes with it: “Joy is the flag that is flown high from the castle of our hearts announcing that the King is in residence here!” We, as Christians can say the same thing about Jesus in our hearts! “Rejoice! Jesus is at residence here! The King’s in!”


A survey was done by a magazine and they found that 40% of the things people worry about never happen; anxious for nothing. Then, there are another 30% of worries about things from their past, 25 % over health issues-most of which call for no concern and finally, there are a 5% of worries over real problems that posed a threat to themselves or their lifestyle. The reason we needn’t worry is the very fact our King is always in! He’s there to turn our problems, worries, and pain into something for our eternal good! That’s not just ‘mind over matter’ talk or trying to maintain a positive attitude even when things get bad, no. It’s the sure and certain belief that our Savior, Lord, and King is near. And, because He’s near we not only have a peace that goes beyond our understanding, we can rejoice! Rejoice-the King’s in!  


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for in times of worry, You bring us Your special peace in Jesus Name, Amen.



19th Sunday After Pentecost-Gospel                                

TEXT: Matthew 22:1-14

TITLE:  Eternal Thanks


“Come to the wedding banquet.” Matt.22:4


You look out your window and a limousine pulls up in your driveway. All of a sudden a man in a tuxedo steps out carrying a giant 3 ft. by 7 ft. check with camera crews following behind. A knock at your door, you open it, and you’re greeted by the man in the tux with, “Your Name, you have just been selected Publisher’s Clearing House’s Grand Prize winner of One million dollars! What do you have to say?” as he shoves the microphone before your face. “Thanks but no thanks,” you say with a smile and close the door.


The odds of winning that million dollar prize are astronomical, but somebody saying ‘no thank you’ to it, are even greater! Yet this is very much like how it is and greater when it comes to someone denying the God’s free gift of life and salvation. We’re speaking of a gift free to us, but it did come at a cost. Our salvation came at the price of Jesus Christ’s shed blood. Yet, it is His death and resurrection that gives us life now in His Spirit and the promise of eternal life. Sadly, there are those who say, “No thank you.” But for all God’s children, His believers, we have a free gift that’s worth countless millions more than anyone could ask or hope for! 


Dear Heavenly Father, though undeserving, we thank you for Your immeasurable gifts, in Jesus Name, Amen.