2019 Cecil Mission Update #27

Lieber Pastor Brent Smith

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Herzliche Grüße aus Dresden!

It’s feeling more like fall here with cooler weather and the Advent season fast upon us.  Thank you for reaching out with our request for Christmas cards that will share a message of living hope that Immanuel, Christ is with us every day, in every situation.  Please try to have the cards to us by Dec 7th but all cards are sure to find a welcome recipient.   

SEND to:  Carl Cecil, ATTN: Refugee; Weststr 1; 01157 Dresden, Germany.  We have over 100 refugees in Chemnitz and Dresden. Thanks again for your love in Isa Masih, (Jesus the Messiah) to our Persian friends in faith.     

We have important request:  Please consider donating $100 to our fund ASAP.  We recently learned that we are not completely funded.  Please use .  Thank you for your generous consideration for this year end gift.

Enjoy our newsletter and share with your family and friends. 

Gott segne dich, God bless you!


Dein Bruder und deine Schwester in Christus!

Carl & Karen

Carl & Karen Cecil

+0-703-585-9651 (WhatsApp)

German Handy 049-176-7312-6284


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