It was one of those MOST busy days at the World Famous Mission Central!  Yes, it was a time for training, instruction, assistance in Power-Point Presentation, and the “Dos and Don’ts” of Presentations for these two new Missionary Families.

Yes, we welcomed our new missionaries, Kipp and Tami Beaudoin who are going to the Ukraine to teach…these are the first LCMS Missionaries that will be teaching in this land, where many haven’t heard the name of Jesus. Veteran Missionary teacher, Mindy Thews and her dear mom came for this day of instruction also, and Mindy will be instructing in Bible Studies at the famous Concordia Middle School in Taiwan, where about 2000 students will hear about our Savior Jesus for the very first time.  After many EXHAUSTING HOURS of training, instruction and assistance, these dear new missionaries left and were prayed for and sent off by Old Missionary Gary.