What an absolute blessing to welcome a very, very, very NOT NORMAL FAMILY to the world famous Mission Central!  Yes, all the way from Columbus, Nebraska the Lord called The Wade and Nicole Johannes Family to come and spend an afternoon seeing what the Lord can do in the hills of western Iowa with an old set of farm buildings!  Wade and Nichole brought their children, Missionaries, Macey, Brenden, Elyse, and Anisin.

Each of these family members received a special “missionary cross” and Gospel Books to hand out to people who have maybe never really read the words of the Lord Jesus!  We know that the rest of their lives these are people who are going to be in the world, but not of the world.

Also, the family enjoyed the tour of the offices, Ministry Center and the picture tour, and then the famous Lord’s Creation Theater, where they viewed the 30 animals from around the world.  Then in the Barn Museum, they had the opportunity to even try on some hats from around the world.  Before they left the barn they were reminded of the last words of Jesus just before he ascended into heaven, when He said, “Go into ALL the world and preach the Good News to All creation”…..Mark 15:16.

The final stop was in the wayside prayer chapel we closed with a special prayer for the family and we all said the Lord’s Prayer Together!  It was a great ENCOURAGING DAY FOR OLD MISSIONARY GARY!  We love to have families like this NOT NORMAL family to come and visit us.

Here you see this special family, in Old Missionary Gary’s Office, with our dear Boss in the background.  What a dear and special family to come and share Jesus together.