102 Volunteers have a huge impact at Mission Central

Here at Mission Central we get to see MIRACLES on a regular basis, and so few realize the Lord’s hand of blessing on this remote location in the middle of nowhere!

Yes, few realize the HUGE, HUGE IMPACT of how the Lord has called 102 Volunteers that have been willing to come and help with the work at this MIRACLE PLACE!

Here at Mission Central it was one of those days when the Lord poured out his blessing with 150 gifts that came in the mail for HIS work!  Our secretary Pam Kovarna realized that she needed extra help and her call went out to our faithful volunteers to come and help record these gifts of love!  ON THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT, the Lord called Judy Seaman from Sioux City, Zola Kafton from Mapleton, Iowa and Linda McWilliams from Pisgah, Iowa to come immediately to help!

These NOT NORMAL Volunteer Secretaries dropped everything and came immediately when the call came…We were able to get these amazing gifts processed all in one day!  To get these gifts in the support account of the missionaries all in ONE DAY!

Here you see these dear helpers in the office at Mission Central, from left to right:  Judy, Pam, Linda and Zola.  What a JOY to see how the Lord sends HIS people at “just the right time”.