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Young Family News    November 2019


Mercy Medical Team; Masindi, Uganda


Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.” Jude 1:2

Ten dedicated servants gathered together to form a team to share Christ’s mercy to the folks of St Kyamujarara Village in Masindi Region, Uganda. We were able to use the Lutheran Church of Uganda’s school building at Peter’s Nursery School. Combining nurses, doctors, and willing servants with the local health department medical staff, and the desire to share the Gospel, makes for lots of opportunities to show God’s mercy.  

The week began with the team from America traveling to Uganda and meeting together. Then, we met with the local medical providers to get to know each other and set the guidelines for safety practices and how the medical camp would flow. The first meeting was introductions of strangers. However, by the end of the week, the group had become friends and even felt like family. 

Each morning, the bus would pick up folks and travel to the village of Kuyamujarara. The day began with introductions and prayer with those who had arrived early for medical care. Each day the group of patients waiting for medical advice grew and crowds would gather before we even arrived. As the crowds grew, their waiting time also lengthened. We were thankful for shade provided by trees and rented tents as folks patiently waited for their chance. 

After registering their name and information, each participant was ushered through the stations of the medical camp. First stop: Evangelism, where the local Pastor’s and the team Chaplin Rev. Brian Martin shared the Gospel message and explained God’s love to each person. After hearing about Jesus, individual vital signs were recorded. Third stop: Visiting a nurse station (called Triage) where guests could discuss their primary concerns and health history. The fourth area was a consultation with a Medical Officer/Doctor. If any treatment, shots or labs were needed, they were ushered to those areas. Lastly, they would stop by the pharmacy for medications. Every child was given deworming and other preventative medications. Each patient was also instructed in some health education that applied to their situations. As they were finished with all the medical areas, they were invited into a personal time of prayer and praise. 
It is always a privilege to walk alongside the servants God sends to show His Mercy to His people, and see the Sprit working.  I am humbled to see God working and moving amongst people and bringing them into His family. The LCU will continue to follow up on the people who came for the clinic through prayer and visitation to invite them into their community.

Sharing God’s Mercy

The whole team including Americans, LCU church leaders, and local medical staff.


Page One Photos- Top, Left to Right.

  1. Pastor Brian Martin and LCU Vicar sharing the Gospel
  2. Nurses making life long friendships
  3. LCU Rev Raymond Kaija praying for the event.
  4. Nurse Maria Voss checks on a baby’s breathing. 
  5. Ugandan Medical Officers hard at work 
  6. Prayers for families
  7. Waiting
  8. More waiting

Page two:

  1. Bonnie Hartman – team leader used her Thrivent Action team to purchase supplies. 
  1. Even more waiting.
  1. Michael Olin catches big smiles.


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Prayers and Praises:

How can we pray for you?  Please share with us your prayers and concerns so we can lift each other up in prayer.  

  • Please pray for the LCU and their continued work sharing the Gospel
  • Pray for the people of Kuyamujarara village and Masindi area who heard the Gospel.  
  • Pray for the medical workers and friends the team met. 
  • Thank God for team members past and future who are moved to travel around the world and share God’s love with people. 
  • Please pray for wisdom as we support our two young adults, Grace and Sydney, from across the miles, and thank God for family and friends who reach out and encourage both of them. 
  • Please pray for safe travel as Joel and Krista travel to the US to spend Christmas with family. 
  • We thank God for the dedicated LWML ladies from Grace Lutheran Church in Durham, NC who send out our newsletter to those who don’t have email. We are so grateful for their faithful service and partnership. 
  • We thank God for your support, encouragement, and prayers for us. We could not do this work without your partnership; and we are so grateful for each one of you. 
  • Thank you so much for the cards, gifts, and blessings from the people of God. We know we are not alone as we all do the work God puts before us. 
  • Our Thanksgiving blessings include each of you and your families.  


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