Mission Moments – East Africa
February 2020



Joel and Krista will be traveling to the USA for Home Service mid May – mid June 2020.  If you would like to invite them to share their experiences at your congregation, Bible Study, or fellowship group, please email as soon as possible.

Agricultural Consultants:

The LCMS impacts the East African Lutheran national church bodies in many ways. The Agricultural Team consults with Pastors who also farm to feed their families. Recently a team traveled to Malawi to work with the Confessional Lutheran Church of Malawi and Rev Wowa, the CLC Bishop.  


Mission Moments - Feb 2020

Mission Moments - Feb 2020

Mission Moments - Feb 2020


May the peoples praise you, God;
    may all the peoples praise you.
The land yields its harvest;
    God, our God, blesses us.
May God bless us still,
    so that all the ends of the earth will fear him.


Psalm 67:5-7


Dr. Ralph Von Qualen; Plant Pathologist, and CEO of ACTS, Inc, is a former Agricultural Missionary with the LCMS 1987-1994, former Peace Corps volunteer, and active member of St Paul Lutheran Church in Carroll, Iowa.  
Pictured here during a presentation on fertilizer placement.



Agricultural Missions in Malawi:
Reflections by Dr von Qualen: “By the time we got our luggage and got through Nairobi immigration it was nearly midnight January 17th.  A driver collected Delano and Linda Meyer and myself and delivered me to Joel and Krista Young’s home and Delano and Linda to the home of Shauen and Krista Trump’s.  I was thankful for a comfortable place to sleep.   I immediately liked Krista and Joel Young and Krista’s dad, Richard Adler who was visiting from St Louis.  They felt like family and were gracious hosts. 
Monday we met at the LCMS East Africa office in Karen and had field orientation with new missionary families, Rev Vance and Linda Becker and Rev Walter and Robyn Steele.  We learned about African culture and expectations. One particular insight that stood out to me was Rev. Trump’s comparison of a shame versus a guilt culture.  As westerners we are more individual and may be motivated by guilt.  In African culture people see themselves in the context of their society and are more shame motivated. I also was reminded of Krista’s observation/warning of the polite ‘yes’.  The polite ‘yes’ may be exactly what you want to hear but may not indicate what is going to take place or reflect reality.  
Krista accompanied us to Blantyre, Malawi and helped everything go smoothly.   Due to heavy rains, a bridge being out and being uncertain of the road to take, we were two hours late to getting to Mtetemera, the first village we visited.  I was afraid the congregation would have gathered and left before our arrival.  Boy was I wrong.  Before we even got out of the vehicle children and church members surrounded us singing in that wonderful east African harmony.  The words of their song meant something like “Because of the love of Jesus we have come to know you. He died on the cross just because of us.  To walk with Jesus is good.”  
 We learned this congregation is about two years old. 
For this lesson we met at the chief’s house.  Our teachings about managing the harvest, timing and placement of fertilizer and how to increase soil organic matter were interspersed with several choirs.  Roughly 200 men, women and children were there.  
This was the first of nine villages in which we taught.  We also attended worship services that included many baptisms on three Sundays.  The joy and singing of these relatively new Christians was present at all these locations.  People were responsive and asked questions regarding our lessons.  We came to realize that the two hour ride to Mtetemera was short compared to the four and five hours of trecking required to the other villages. 
Our lessons would help these brothers and sisters feed their families.  We taught about managing resources in order to avoid a scarcity of food before the next harvest. The crops they grow are not for cash but for their families’ food.  The last three days of our stay was working directly with church leaders and pastors.   Because leaders receive little support from the young congregations, they also grow their families’ own food.  As leaders in their communities the church leaders will also share the insights we shared with them even as they share the good news of salvation through Jesus. 



1.  Pictured are Delano and Linda Meyer, original Agricultural Consultants in East Africa, with Ralph.  
2.  The church building in Mtetemera Village in southern Malawi.  




Above:  Instillation of Rev. Ochola as the Archbishop of the ELCK.
New Missionaries:
Left:  Rev Walter and Robyn Steele  
Right:  Rev Vance and Linda Becker 

Photos by Shara Osiro



Prayers and Praises:

How can we pray for you?  Please share with us your prayers and concerns so we can lift each other up in prayer.

  • Please pray for the Confessional Lutheran Church of Malawi, their pastors, and members of their congregations. Also, for protection from flooding in the country. 
  • Thank God for Dr. von Qualen, Delano and Linda Meyer for their service in Malawi.  Please continue to pray for Meyers and Mrs. Gwen Zagore who continue to serve as agricultural missions in Kenya. 
  • Pray for our East African Team; those who are changing their focus of ministry as well new team members Rev. and Mrs Becker and Rev. and Mrs Steele who joined us in January. 
  • Praise God for the instillation of Archbishop Rev. Joseph Ochola as the head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya. 
  • Join us in prayer for planning our Home Service travels- summer 2020.
  • Please pray for wisdom as we support our two young adults, Grace and Sydney, from across the miles.
  • We thank God for your support, encouragement, and prayers for us. We could not do this work without your partnership; and we are so grateful for each one of you.

To God be the Glory!!!



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