Wolf family visits Mission Central from Kenya


September 19th was a special day for us here at the Lord’s Mission Central, as John Wolf and his entire family came here to visit and report to some very, very special people.

It was a very NOT NORMAL day to welcome the Wolf family, but what was amazing was the people who came, and they truly were people who were NOT NORMAL….can you imagine folks came from Texas, Omaha, Des Moines, Schaller, Wisconsin and Minnesota!  Willing to drive this kind of distances to have the privilege of hearing and seeing this amazing family serving the Lord Jesus in East Africa!

Here you see the Wolf Family by our Mission Central sign, and also in front of our Boss in Missionary Gary’s office.  Yes, and these folks then had the PRIVILEGE of praying for and sending the Wolf family back to Kenya.

It will be a day we will long, long remember!