Dearly Beloved,

Blessed Eastertide in this uncertain, unprecedented, and often unsettling time for human flesh in our world in the face of COVID-19 pandemic / storm. May you be found blessed in the Lord’s care. May your family and all of your loved ones be weathering this temporal storm and holding fast to the faith bestowed to us by our Resurrected and Victorious Lord. Amen!

As you might have observed my last three / four reports have focused more precisely on COVID-19 with all its effects on JEM Lutheran Seminary life here, and this will be no different as we are still in this uncertain period.

Thirteen students who are stuck as a result of the lockdown are presently living with me in my one bathroom (restroom) house with no running water or power. The remaining 38 from other parts of the country are in the Seminary dorm but regularly visit my house for at least one meal per day since seminary funds are depleted and the Rector is in Lagos. I am the only one on ground here to care for them.

I can only imagine how you must feel as you seek patience and wisdom to persevere through this storm in your lives. …  Yet again, all is in God’s hands and His ways are not our ways.  My dearly beloved family of supporters, join me to take all of this to our Lord in prayer, falling on our knees. So, kneeling lowly at the door of the empty sepulchre we pray: “Thou, whose Almighty Word chaos and darkness heard, and took their flight; be Thou my beloved supporters’ guardian and guide, and hear them when they call. Let not our slippery footsteps become an obstacle to our prayers. Hear us, we humbly pray, as the Coronavirus continues to threaten us, not only with its perilous spiritual temptation, but also with starvation. Lord, may there be light soon at the end of the tunnel! Thou, who didst come to bring – on Thy redeeming Wings- healing and sight, health to the sick in mind, sight to the inly blind, bearing the lamp of grace, … in earth’s darkest place, we fall on our knees. Hear us, lest this awful doom of Coronavirus persist, and … discourage even Your faithful servants / children, who are my beloved supporters. Lord, in Your mercy: hear us! We pray this in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!


1)   Thanks to all of you for your prayers, financial gifts, and time you put in to facilitate and enable the Rev’d. Dr. John Nordling’s (of CTSFW) safe departure. I especially thank the President of our beloved synod, LCMS, the Rev’d. Dr. Matthew Harrison and his staff, in particular OIM, CTSFW staff, and the Archbishop of LCN, His Grace, the Most Rev’d. Dr. Christian Ekong and his dear family who made sure he, Nordling, was comfortable at their home before his departure back to his home in the U.S.

2)   May I also use this opportunity to thank those of you who still pray for us here at JEM Lutheran Seminary and also continue to financially support my mission in Africa in this unprecedented period? As I often say / pray, “I cannot repay you, but pray the Lord our Provider repay you by providing for you all that you need to survive this unsettling period and more. Amen!”

3)   “The problem comes in a single file.”  In the midst of this unsettling period, one of the students with me here at my house right now as a result of the lockdown, and whose father (a pastor of LCN) passed away about three years ago, now lost his mother Monday night, April 27, from a heart attack. No funeral arrangements can be made until the lockdown is lifted, so this is emotionally difficult for him and all of us with him.


1)   To God alone be the glory, the Rev’d. Dr. John Nordling, after having been stuck here longer than his original itinerary, arrived home to his family in peace even in the midst of the COVID-19 travel difficulties. Once again, to God be the glory for journey mercies granted to him! Amen!

2)   Please continue to pray for my mission here in Africa and for the many additional difficulties we are now encountering each day.

3)   Please pray for my students who are stuck here at the Seminary and cannot return to their homes due to the lockdown, especially Seminarian Eric who recently lost his mother.

May our Resurrected and Victorious Lord keep you all healthy and safe in this uncertain, unprecedented, and unsettling time. Amen!

Sincerely in-Christ,

Fr. Wokoma.

1 Timothy 1:15.

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