BLESSED EPIPHANY: Aha, the Christmas for us Gentiles!


To Thee, O Blessed Trinity,

Be praised throughout eternity.

Safely through another year,

You have brought us on our way.

Mercies multiplied each day,

Guarded by Your Almighty Power.

Fed and guided by Your Hand,

From our worldly cares set free,

May we rest this year in Thee, I pray.


Virgin Son, make here Thy home (the heart and home of my beloved sponsors).

Wondrous birth, Oh Wondrous Child, of the Virgin undefiled, … 

Beseeching Thee, when life is past, to keep us in Thy faith and fear, … 

And crown us with Thy blessing. 

Oh, great God, in this year – 2021 and beyond, whatever may betide us, 

guide us right onward through our journey. 

Be Thou at hand to guide us, safe  from all perils, toil, and strife, … 

We raise to Thee our earnest cry. 

Cleanse us from each guilty stain, … 

Let Thy grace within us live. 


Oh, blessed day, when first was poured the blood of our Redeeming Lord, circumcise our heart I pray, … 

Write Thine own Name upon our hearts. 

Keep us faithful, keep us pure. 

Keep us ever more Thine Own. 


How can I love Thee as I ought, for the supporters / sponsors you have given to me through the years especially this year past, even under the uncertain pandemic?

And how extol Thy matchless fame, … The glorious beauty of Thy Name? Amen!


My Dearly Beloved Supporters, join me to hail the Incarnate Deity, this 2021, who veiled in flesh the Godhead.


Grace and Peace to you, my very caring/compassionate sponsors in this New Year of 2021.  All time in this life is given us as a gift; indeed, my own old Adam often rages and wishes to claim my time as my own and act injured at the changes over the past year which bring a sense of limitation and loss.  Lord have mercy!!  Quite the contrary, if not for the peculiar events of this past year, I would not have stayed with 17 stranded students for over three months that has brought deeper relationship and insights to the dynamics of LCN, and, in particular, JEM Lutheran Seminary’s Confessional significance in the Continent of Africa. If I apply my mind to consider it all, I quickly realize it is my place to “be still and let God be God”.


May God continue to shower his providence to you and keep you safe as you seek to work His Holy Will through my mission work in Africa. May He continue to bless you to be instruments of care and kindness to those starved for such in this fallen world, and in particular Africa.


May the Lord whose blood was shed for the first time on the Eighth day of His Birth cover you and the rest of the family this new year 2021 and beyond with same blood so that the evil foe will have no power over you. Amen. 


Have a very blessed New Year, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


Yet again, thank you so very much for all your prayers, genuine care, and financial support through the years, especially this past year, even with the pandemic. May the Infant Child of Mary, yet Mary’s Lord replenish you and keep you close to His Manger. Amen.


To God Alone, Glory Be! Amen!


Sincerely in-Christ,


Fr. Wokoma.

1 Tim. 1:15.


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