Wildauer (Belize) Update – November 2022

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Fellow Redeemed in Christ,

Greetings to you this morning during the post-hurricane sunny day from Belmopan, Belize. I am writing to you to give a brief update and call you to pray for the relief efforts this next week as there is much to do and flooding may be a concern.

During the past 24 hours, Hurricane Lisa formed as a Category 1 and made landfall off the coast of Belize near Belize City. My family is inland in the national capital of Belmopan directly west of Belize City by an hour. Belmopan was established as an inland capital for the very reason that hurricanes come often enough along the coast. Belmopan is higher up and is built to withstand most storms. Our family is doing well today. We recently moved into a new and slightly elevated, cement-structure house. We only lost a few palm trees. Power was out for about 12 hours. Authorities are assessing damage throughout the city before giving the “All Clear” which everyone desires. Today will be a cleanup day throughout the town. I’ll be joining the effort with a few of our kids soon after sending this email.

The other missionary families live a little ways outside of Belmopan. There is more damage to the trees and land there, but the families are safe. Our Alliance Missionary, Pastor Flores, is currently visiting people whom we serve in Valley of Peace. Pastor Burch and I have been in contact with the other members in the two ministry locations north and south of us. It appears that all is well with our members, praise the Lord! The church building in Seine Bight was used as a shelter for two households that could not make it inland. The church building in Valley of Peace (one of the closest villages to the eye of the storm) was also used as a shelter for those needing higher ground. Also available was the building in San Roman in the north, but we do not know if anyone has need for shelter there, though maybe with a rising river nearby, they will. It is nice to know the the church buildings can also be used as a place of refuge amidst the storms.

The Lord is good and has carried us through the night. Today we have the opportunity to serve our neighbors. I encourage you to pray along with us today as the efforts proceed. Attached is a suggested brief prayer and Scripture that I have shared with others here. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

His peace be yours in abundance,

Pastor Micah Wildauer and Family

LCMS Missionary — Church Planter in Belize