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¡Cristo ha resucitado!  ¡Él ha resucitado en verdad!      

Christ is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!


Easter Blessings to you and your family from #yourmissionaries in Spain! 

Blessings Abound

God Strengthens His Church during CV-19

For the first time, ALL the members in Spain
could worship TOGETHER during Holy Week! 

         For the first time, services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Saturday’s Easter Vigil were held for everyone.   Usually each location gets one or two Holy Week services.  Because of COVID-19, we could not do this.  Instead, the pastors worked together to provide all the Holy Week services to everyone via the internet.  This included two Easter Services, one broadcast from the individual homes of Pastors Machado and Lobo in Madrid, and the other simultaneously broadcast from Cartagena and Seville, with LCMS Missionary Pastor Lehman as Liturgist and Pastor Warner as Preacher.   What a blessing to see the faces of members from all across Spain, joining in fellowship around the Word to celebrate our Crucified and Risen Savior.  


The blessings of Zoom are that we can greet each other
face to face before and after worship!  This is a screen shot from
Maundy Thursday Worship, which Pastor Machado led, and includes members and visitors from 8 different cities.



While we wait for Sunday School to start again….



     The Pastors are taking advantage of this COVID-19 opportunity to reach ALL of our youth via a short  Bible message before the worship service on Sundays.   Many thanks to one of our supporting churches, Divine Shepherd Lutheran in South Dakota, and their Pastor Randy Sturzenbecher, for giving us this idea!  
     Although we have almost 30 members under the age of 15, we only have a concentration of youth in Madrid, making regular Sunday School feasible there.  We hope that these new weekly messages with the pastors will provide impetus for further children’s study after CV19 restrictions are lifted.    


Below, David records the reading of an Arch book
about the Good Shepherd. 


A screenshot from the "Five Minutes of Bible School" video for kids.  The videos are available after the Services to watch again.


May the Blessings Continue!  
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Thank you! 


Praying For You

    We are praying for each of you–our friends, our family in Christ, our donors–as you navigate the unknowns of CV19.  May we focus on the LORD and the abundant blessings that He gives us in His Word, in our relationships, in our communities, in our church  family, in our day to day lives.  

     The LAC Region of LCMS Missions (mainly Spanish-speaking countries) celebrated SPIRIT WEEK, just for fun.  We shared photos of ourselves in our group chat and enjoyed each other’s creativity across so many miles.  Here’s our entry for Superhero Day:  Covid Man and Wuhan Woman.  

May you smile today, laugh today, and praise God today! 
 –David and Shelee Warner



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