The Missionary Journey of Rev David and Shelee Warner



Only let us hold true
to what we have attained.  

                                                                              –Philippians 3:16

     Taken out of the context of the rest of Philippians, you may be wondering to what this verse is referring, and what does it have to do with God’s work in Spain?  Great questions!  

     Paul exhorts his listeners, the members of the church in Philippi, to hold on to the truth of the gospel of Christ that they have already believed in.  To be unified in their belief of the doctrine that he has taught them, namely that our justification and our righteousness come from faith, not from our works.  

     In the photo below, three adults profess their faith in this pure Gospel, and join you and me as brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ, and specifically of the Lutheran Church in Spain.  You see two pastors and three adults, all holding true to what they have attained:  unity in their belief of the true Gospel. 

              Rejoice in the Lord always!   Again I say rejoice! 

(Again from Paul in Phil 4:4)


Three new adult members from Galicia, in northern Spain!  


God’s Word is tenacious–it accomplishes that which He purposes!   

     Guillermo, one of the new members, used to live in Seville and attended worship with Pastor Lehman.  Due to CV-19, he lost his job and moved home to northern Spain, but continued to worship with the Seville congregation via face book.  He had started new member classes with Pastor Lehman, but then finished them via zoom.  He  joined the other 2 adults (pictured) for weekly catechism classes led jointly by Pastor Warner, Pastor Machado and Pastor Lobo.  That’s quite a few pastors getting involved in just one person’s membership journey! 

     What a blessing to know that all the Pastors currently serving the Spanish Lutheran Church enjoy the unity of doctrine that Paul speaks of.  They work together, serve in worship together, study the Biblical texts together, and encourage each other in Christ.  “Again I say rejoice!”


Fran, Silvia, and Guillermo
with Pastors Machado and Lehman.
Welcome to God’s Family!


We don’t yet have a congregation in Galicia,
so Pastor Lehman and his family, as well as Pastor Machado, traveled north to provide the Divine Service
to the members and new members who live in this area. 
One member hosted the service on his patio and
several others traveled as well, to this central location.  


When traveling to provide worship,
the pastors bring what they can to set up
an altar and create an appropriate
worship space within the confines of the location. 

Christ joins us as two or more gather in His name. 
His Supper always delivers what He promises: 
the forgiveness of sins. 


     And where was Pastor Warner in all this?  The Warner’s traveled to Madrid to provide the Divine Service for the Emmanuel Congregation there.  (You may have seen the recent note with the photo of our friends from Brazil and the delicious meal we shared at their home!). 

     All our pastors “share the pulpit” with each other, which is possible because they share unity in doctrine.  They share the responsibility for preaching to all the members, in their homes or rented spaces around the country, in our designated worship spaces in Madrid, Seville, Cartagena, and Valencia.  

“Again I say rejoice!”

We rejoice because of your unity in this doctrine and
your partnership in the mission–Thank you!







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