Dear Pastor’s and Church workers, 


    We pray that you and yours, your congregations and your families, are well, and clinging tightly and confidently to the promises we have fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  As we pass through these unprecedented days, He continues to be our Rock and our Hope.  You all continue in our prayers, and we know that you continue to lift up the Lutheran Church in Spain.  Together with the Lord, we journey onward, knowing that our blood bought victory is secure, so we are free to live, love and confess His Name.  


     Attached should be two newsletters, one slightly late for June, and another for July and August.  Please share them with your congregations in the best way you see fit.  


     The new normal in Spain continues to be strange and challenging, but the Lord is providing so that we can continue in the work.  Thank you all for your prayers and donations.  


The Peace of Christ to you all, David


Pastor David Warner

Iglesia Luterana Española


+34 645 629 469

+1 605 838 4713  


    Porque no me avergüenzo del evangelio, pues es el poder de Dios para la salvación de todo el que cree; del judío primeramente y también del griego.  Porque en el evangelio la justicia de Dios se revela por fe y para fe; como está escrito: Mas el justo por la fe vivirá.  Romanos 1:16-17