The Vanderhyde family -Sri Lanka – May 2019

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We’re Moving!

Dear Friends,

We are excited to share with you this quick update that we are moving to Sri Lanka next week. The Lord has answered your prayers as well as ours, and everything is prepared for us to go. At long last, we have all four visas approved. Thank the Lord that he is making a way for us to serve him in Sri Lanka.

In light of the recent terror attacks, we do not make this move lightly. We have had many discussions with the teams in Taiwan and Sri Lanka. Our safety is their top priority. We are thankful that security in Colombo is at an all-time high and that the current situation presents no obstacle to our following the call to serve there. Nevertheless, we will be prepared to leave quickly should the situation deteriorate. Please pray for safety both in our travels to and our life in Sri Lanka.

We Want to Keep You Informed

We post regular updates to our facebook group “Sri Lankan Vicar-hydes”. These posts are more frequent than our newsletters, enabling you to catch what’s happening as it breaks. If you use facebook, type “sri-lankan vicar-hydes” into the facebook search bar to find us. We will continue to send newsletters every month via email.

– The Vanderhydes –
Benjamin, Grace, Larson & Hollen

Thank you for your prayers and support