Updates by Missionary

Name Country
Kathryn Phillips Dominican Republic
    Stephanie Wilde Puerto Rico
      Rev. Dr. John and Melinda Bombaro Latvia
        Kipp and Tamara Beaudoin Eastern Europe
          Cynthia Pine Dominican Republic
            Michael and Nancy Morizio Czech Republic
              Steven Braun Germany
              Courtney Zalmanoff Dominican Republic
                CURRENTLY DEPLOYED
                Name Country
                Herbert and Markie Burch Belize
                Gary and Stephanie Schulte Burkina Faso
                JP and Aimee Cima Cambodia
                Peter and Lucy Hoffmann Czech Republic
                Ben Helge Czech Republic
                Dale and Suzanne Kaster Czech Republic
                Cindy Wrucke Czech Republic
                Herman and Shelia Strozier Czech Republic
                Johanna Heidorn Dominican Republic
                James Krey Dominican Republic
                Jamielynn Tinkey Dominican Republic
                Caitlin and Jeancarlos Ramirez Dominican Republic
                Erin Mackenzie Dominican Republic
                Joel and Clarion Fritsche Dominican Republic
                Jana Inglehart Dominican Republic
                Arthur and Linda Just Dominican Republic
                Jonathan and Cheryl Naumann Dominican Republic
                David and Jennifer Preus Dominican Republic
                Danelle Putnam Dominican Republic
                https://missioncentral.us/maita/ Dominican Republic
                Mark and Stephanie Rabe Ethiopia
                Eric and Johanna Stinnett Ethiopia
                James and Peggy Krikava Eurasia
                  Joe and Jennie Asher Germany
                  Kim Bueltmann Germany
                  Carl and Karen Cecil Germany
                  Gary Schuschke Germany
                  David and Joyce Erber Ghana
                  Steven and Cynthia Schumacher Ghana
                  Tom and Debi Going Japan
                  Daniel and Joan Jastram Japan
                  Krista and Joel Young Kenya
                  Tom and Mary Aadland Kenya
                  Britt and Micah Odemba Kenya
                  Shara and Michael Osiro Kenya
                  Shauen and Krista Trump Kenya
                  John and Jennifer Wolf Kenya
                  Ted and Rebecca Krey Latin America
                  Charles and Deborah St-Onge Latin America
                  Blake and Elizabeth Warren Latin America
                  David and Barbara Bush Macau
                  Dan and Kathryn Conrad Mexico
                  Andrew and Kelsey Schlund Mexico
                  PA Wokoma Nigeria
                  Brian and Amanda Gauthier Panama
                  Arthur and Eva Rickman Panama
                  Martin and Marie Dicke Papua New Guinea
                  Anton Lutz Papua New Guinea
                  Julia Lutz Papua New Guinea
                  Larry and Tina Matro Papua New Guinea
                  Ron and Mary Anne Rall Papua New Guinea
                  Michael and Beth Ritzman Papua New Guinea
                  Roger and Amy James Philippines
                  Anthony and Jamie DiLiberto Puerto Rico
                  Christel and James Neuendorf Puerto Rico
                  Alyssa Anders Russia
                  Charles and Connie Cortright Russia
                  Sarah Harms Russia
                  Jerry and Patty Lawson Russia
                  Doug and Angie Thompson Sierra Leone
                  Hans and Gretchen Trinklein South Korea
                  Matt and DeeDee Wasmund South Korea
                  Kayla Hoem Spain
                  Adam and Christine Lehman Spain
                  David and Shelee Warner Spain
                  Steve and Martha Mahlburg Sri Lanka
                  Ed and Monica Naumann Sri Lanka
                  Benjamin and Grace Vanderhyde Sri Lanka
                  Richard and Sarah Sovitzky Taiwan
                    Charles and Cheryl Ferry Taiwan
                    Roy and Eliza Askins Taiwan
                    Joanna Johnson Taiwan
                    Steve and Maggie Oliver Taiwan
                    Michael and Irene Paul Taiwan
                    Andrew and Noel Schaff Taiwan
                    Hannah Shull Taiwan
                    Jonathan and Anita Clausing Tanzania
                    Sarah Kanoy Tanzania
                    Robin McCoy Thailand
                    Alexandria Rappe Thailand
                    John and Hannah Loum The Gambia
                    Ryan and Emily McDermott Togo
                    Jacob Gaugert Togo
                    Valerie Stonebreaker Togo
                    Micah and Robin Wildauer Togo
                    Mark and Megan Mantey Uganda
                    Rachel Meyer Uganda
                    Michael and Karen Schempf Uganda
                    James and Angela Sharp Uruguay