Two new missionary typists join the Mission Central staff


God works in amazing ways and CALLS people at “just the right time” to help carry out HIS work for the HIS missionaries!  This past month Missionary Gary spoke at St. John Lutheran Church at Crete, Nebraska (Kramer)…and in this congregation a long time secretary was waiting!  Yes, Ellie Kock, was the secretary when about 20 years ago Old Missionary Gary went to visit that congregation for the very first time.  Ellie seemed to be called to want to help Mission Central and be a Volunteer Typist.

On the 8th of July when Old Missionary Gary was speaking at St. John Lutheran Church at Clarinda, Iowa the Lord put a new face in line for HIS work, and her name was Leslie Schenck.  God called her to want to help with typing and transcription work for the Lord’s Mission Central.

What a blessing it was to have these two special Missionaries come for a full afternoon of training on July 10th, 2019.  Here you see these two special ladies in front of our Boss at Mission Central.  These are dear and wonderful people whom God has called at “just the right time”….here you see these Volunteers in front of our Boss.