Trinklein_South Korea_May2020

Well hi there! Good to see you again.


Well hi there! Good to see you again.

Yeah, the newsletter’s late. But hey, it got a makeover! Nothing major though…the layout hasn’t changed. And, as always, click the image of the newsletter to view it larger–or just go ahead and download it onto your computer.

We hope you all are staying safe during this rough season. Always remember that God is in control, and those who trust in Him have nothing to fear.

Thank you for your prayers!

~ Mike, for the Trinklein family




Hans Trinklein and Family | DaeWoo Hyundai Appartments, Bldg 107 Apt 1402, Geumhwa-ro 82, Beon-gil 14 GeumHwa Maeul 1 Danji Giheung-gu,
Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do 17072 South Korea



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