Three not normal people from Atkins, Iowa come to Mission Central


On the afternoon of July 12th, we were so blessed at Mission Central to have some very, very NOT NORMAL people come and visit the Lord’s Mission Central!  These were special friends from Atkins, Iowa, and what a blessing and encouragement to have them stop.

Brian Voss came with his mom and dad, and Brian called and wanted to make sure that they had a chance to see what God can do with an old set of farm buildings in the middle of “nowhere”.

It was such a wonderful visit, and they had a chance to see what the Lord has done here at this MIRACLE PLACE!  We were able to share a tour of the office, hog house, ministry center, a short tour of the animals in the Lord’s Creation Theater and the barn.  Their trip ended with a prayer together in the little wayside prayer chapel.  These dear friends were a special encouragement to old Missionary Gary, because they are NOT NORMAL folks who really “get it” and understand what we are doing here on earth.  Several years ago Susan found out that God can provide healing for cancer and what a JOY to see how the Lord is using this family.

Here you see this special family from Left to Right…Brian Voss, Dad Dan and mom Susan Voss in front of our Boss here at Mission Central….INTERESTING… THE VOSS FAMILY IN FRONT OF OUR BOSS!