Thews (Taiwan) Update – September and October 2022

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News from Missionary Mindy Thews
Serving the Lord in Taiwan

2022 September – October Newsletter

Thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement!

Mindy Thews – Concordia Middle School
Chiayi City, Taiwan

But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. John 20:31


CMS School Backpacks

A Little Extra Time

It’s not unusual for students to request a little extra time with a teacher. During summer school, I was approached by a former student, Kiayu, to assist her and her younger brother as they prepared for an English interview with a new school in Hong Kong. Their father had taken a new job, and the family was moving in 8 weeks.

We met three times a week during the student rest time after lunch for conversation practice and a lot of laughs. It turns out, the normally quiet and reserved Kiayu, along with her little brother, Kaison, are pretty funny. We discussed possible interview questions and played some games to encourage quick thinking in English.

Kiayu was beginning her third year at CMS, and Kaison his first. Kiayu was sad to leave CMS, a place she considered her second home, but excited about new possibilities. Kaison expressed his sadness a little differently. He was looking forward to many things at CMS, including learning more about Jesus. CMS shared the seeds of faith with these sweet siblings; please pray for the Holy Spirit to nurture saving faith in them, giving them a little extra time to know Jesus.

Mindy, Kiayu, and Kaison

Mindy, Kiayu, and Kaison

I created a 1 minute video featuring Concordia Middle School, Taiwan
for this year’s Beautiful Feet Conference in Irvine, CA.
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Names of Jesus

What’s in a Name?

Establishing a Chinese name was an early tasks when I arrived in Taiwan. My work permit, national health care, and alien residence card all required a Chinese name. A Taiwanese co-worker assisted me in the process, explaining the possible characters and the meaning each conveyed. The process was intentional, reflective, and measured. Each character was carefully determined.

Choosing a Chinese name seemed like a practical task at the time. I’ve come to realize this was a very important step for my life in Taiwan. Names bear meaning, familiarity, and relationship. I exercise special care with student names, recording both their Chinese and English names. In part, it’s for practical purposes; yet it also develops a foundation for our relationship. I spend time memorizing names and faces to welcome students to my class and help them to feel comfortable as I teach them about the name of Jesus – a name with greater meaning than many students realize.

Jesus, the Son of God, the Savior of the world. Jesus, our incredible teacher and friend. Jesus, the Redeemer of the lost and condemned. What’s in the name, Jesus? Eternal life! Salvation! Hope! Jesus, name above all names! Please pray for the students of CMS, that they understand the depth of the name Jesus.

A Few Pictures

Taiwan Earthquake Image

Taiwan experienced strong earthquakes in September, damaging roads and buildings along the east coast. CMS, located in the southwest portion of Taiwan, remained safe during the tremors.

J2 students

Junior 2 (8th grade) students review Abraham’s story.

Junior 2 (8th grade) students recently studied the Israelites in Egypt and the desert, learning how the Israelites trusted God. I asked the students if they would trust God. Some students thought it would be too difficult. Still others responded with neutral answers. The following are some encouraging pictures of the “Yes” responses.

Please Pray For:

Peaceful China/Taiwan relations

Students Kiayu and Kaison – that seeds of faith are nurtured and grow

Give Thanks For: 

Safety during recent earthquakes

Hybrid learning – School continues to use a hybrid format for students impacted by Covid-19

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