The St. Onge family visit Mission Central


November 10th, 2018 was a special day when a whopping crowd of approximately 150 NOT NORMAL people came from all over Iowa and Nebraska came to the world famous Mission Central to see our Missionaries from Canada and Latin America come to report.

Yes, Rev. Charles St. Onge and his entire family came to tell of how the Lord is using them to tell people about Jesus in these parts of the world!  Rev. St. Onge and his family were present to explain, teach and show pictures and tell stories of reaching out to people in total darkness with the good, good news of our Savior Jesus!

Here you see Pastor St. Onge Presenting and also a picture of some of the not normal pastors that came to help pray for the family and help to send this family back to their calling in Canada and Latin America.  You will notice the LARGE crowd of NOT NORMAL people who came to hear this special report.   You will also note the picture of the St. Onge Family in front of our Boss here at Mission Central in our office!

Pastor St. Onge told of his CALLING to Canada and in Latin America, and how the Lord is using his GIFT OF LANGUAGES….French, Spanish and English to touch the lives and hearts of people who are in total darkness!!!

What an HONOR AND PRIVILEGE to have this veteran missionary family here in person to tell of how the Holy Spirit is using them!