It was one of those SPECIAL evenings that we had looked forward to for a long time.  It was a time to be with wonderful NOT NORMAL friends from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Aurelia, Iowa!  Yes, on June 14th at 7:00 PM, our dear friends from this wonderful congregation came to spend time here at the Lord’s Mission Central.  We were so happy to share with them the story of the 6th day of Creation and see how the Lord brought us the animals to show how each animal is totally and complete unique and different, and how the Lord made these animals on the 6th day! 


Then the group moved up to the Barn Museum and saw how the “Word became Flesh and dwelt among us!”  The group enjoyed many new items that have been added the artifacts.  Many of these friends we have known for over 20 years!  What a JOY to share with them the wonderful miracles that God is doing, and to share once again that amazing story of how much God loved us by sending us the greatest gift of all…the Lord Jesus, our Savior. 


Here you see the group gathered in front of the Ministry Center and the Creation Theater.  Also, you can see the group in the Creation Theater ready for the exciting program…What a special blessing to have them come and spend time here at the Lord’s Mission Central.