On Tuesday the 8th of November we were so blessed to have Rickie and Jolene Anderson arrive with a wonderful new supply of cookies for our supply here at the Lord’s Mission Central.

We had a busload of folks arrive this past week and we were TOTALLY OUT OF COOKIES for our many tour groups and guests that come to see the Lord’s Mission Central.  Maxine said, “Gary, what are we going to do without our homemade cookies??”  I told her that the Lord will provide and then just “right out of the blue”….the Anderson family came and delivered a wonderful supply of homemade cookies made by the dear ladies at St. John Lutheran Church from Battle Creek, Iowa!!!  Wow, another answer to prayer!  They arrived at “just the right time”….as we are having more folks coming in the next few days!

Here you see Rickie and Jolene Anderson with the supply of excellent homemade cookies.  Thank you so, so, so much for the blessing of Pastor Randy Cormeny and his members at St. John in Battle Creek, Iowa!!!  Another miracle at “just the right time”.