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Valerie Sue Stonebreaker serves the Lord as a missionary in Togo. She teaches English to junior high and high school students. She also mentors and cares for several children from the community within her own home and maintains relationships with others who have gone on to university or other life endeavors. Moreover, Valerie aids and encourages church leaders of the Lutheran Church of Togo. She serves as a liaison between these church leaders and the leaders of the LCMS when communicating about LCMS-related projects being done in this country. She also provides leadership on two such LCMSrelated projects happening in Togo: a CCCS/ Lead a Child project that aids village schools and a project that teaches Moba literacy to village women. Finally, she assists the other LCMS missionaries in Togo as needed.

Valerie was born in Fort Wayne, Ind. Her home congregation is Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Turlock, Calif. She received a bachelor’s degree in education from Saint Francis College, Fort Wayne, and a master’s degree in education from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. She also received a degree in culinary arts from Ivy Tech, Fort Wayne. Valerie served as a Lutheran elementary school teacher in Fort Wayne, a culinary professional in various Fort Wayne restaurants and a nutritional supervisor.

From Dec. 1997 through June 2009, Valerie served as a volunteer missionary in Togo through the LCMS, teaching missionary children, teaching English to high school and CLET students and working with the youth of the Lutheran congregation in Dapaong. She returned to Togo in June 2011 and has been serving in her current role since.


Pray for Valerie as she serves in Togo. Ask God to keep her faithful in using the gifts He has given her as she reaches out in love to the young people, the Moba women and the Lutheran church leaders with whom she works. Ask God to give her patience and wisdom to handle the challenges and changes she faces daily in her missionary life. Pray for good health and energy for her as she grows older. Pray for the Togolese church that the Christian faith being shared with them takes deep root in its true meaning. Pray for political stability in Togo. Ask God to provide the additional financial support Valerie needs to continue to serve in Togo.

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  • Birthday: April 19





“The Miracle in the Cornfields is the real deal. What a special place where God is doing some extraordinary things with his people!”  – John Smith