St. Paul Lutheran of Ames, Iowa visits Mission Central

On June 1st, 2019, we were so blessed to have a large group from St. Paul Lutheran Church at Ames, Iowa come and bless us with being with us for the full day of activity.

When the group came, we could IMMEDIATELY that they were truly NOT NORMAL people and what a JOY to have them come.  The bus arrived right on time and we had a prayer together to bless our day.

Here you see the group in front of the Ministry Center and also in the Creation Theater, where they were able to tour the Theater, the Barn Museum and hear two special missionaries give their reports.

It was one of those special days, and there was a bit of a problem with their bus, but finally they were on their way, with their driver Missionary David.

It was truly a day the NOT NORMAL missionaries of St. Paul in Ames, Iowa will never, never forget.