St-Onge (Mission Montreal) Update – September 2022

Special note: The September print issue of the REPORTER (the official newspaper of the LCMS) incorrectly states that Rev. St-Onge is part of a group of eight “retired” missionaries whose service was recognized at a special Service of Thanksgiving. The online version of the story was corrected; however, the print version had already been mailed. Rev. St-Onge is NOT retired, but is faithfully serving Jesus in the city of Montreal Quebec, Canada. The LCMS regrets the error and the confusion, and Old Missionary Gary requested that a correction be printed in the next issue of REPORTER.




What’s changing?
The LCMS and its Office of National Mission is partnering with its SELC District (LCMS) to reach the French-speaking people of Montreal Quebec, Canada with the Good News of Jesus. Rev Charles St- Onge’s work will be promoted and communicated as an official LCMS mission-supporting project.
Why an LCMS “project” and not an LCMS missionary? Charles received and accepted a call from the members of Ascension Lutheran Church in Montreal to be their pastor, which is not a call issued by the LCMS to be a missionary under the  Office of National Mission. Support and supervision of Ascension is by the SELC District, not the LCMS Office of National Mission.  With this change in the context, the LCMS and Mission Central are joyfully facilitating gifts to support this important witness outreach and ministry through an intentional “walking together” collaboration with the SELC District and the members of Ascension Lutheran Church in Montreal.  Donations given through the LCMS and Mission Central will be forwarded to the SELC District as special restricted grants to help underwrite this important mission station.  Questions may be directed to LCMS Mission Advancement at 888-930-4438, or




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September 2022

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After a wonderful month of outreach, witness and get togethers with pastors and mission partners here in Montreal, I will be on the road for reconnect for the month of October. 

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