St. Matthew at Mapleton visits Mission Central


October 20th, 2019 was truly a special Sunday. The congregation at St. Matthew Lutheran Church at Mapleton, Iowa just 2 miles West of Mission Central…came to visit and have their “Mission Festival” here at the Lord’s MISSION CENTRAL!

There was a very nice group of NOT NORMAL people that came for this special service, and a number of special guests came to visit also. Old Missionary Gary, a member of St. Matthew had the privilege of speaking in the service. The entire congregation was then treated to a special Brunch, and the people enjoyed their time at this MIRACLE PLACE.

Here you see some of the pictures for the activity of the day and you can see that the new parking lot was filled with cars, and special music by the Rosener Family and John Thies were provided for all those in attendance. It was one of those very, very special days!