What a blessing to welcome a special young missionary that visited the Lord’s Mission Central on September 1st, 2019!  Yes, the Executive Director of our LCMS Mission Advancement Department, the Honorable Missionary Mark Hofman came all the way from St. Louis and brought his son, Matthew to visit this lowly place in the middle of nowhere!

Old Missionary Gary could tell immediately that Matthew was NOT A NORMAL YOUNG MAN!  Indeed, he was special!  This young missionary was advanced for his age, and he was so interested in what the Lord has done here at this place.

Matthew enjoyed a complete tour, and also had a “jungle river ride”, and after a meal at “Maxine’s Diner”….we made a trip to special friends Darwin and Sharon Hamann at Anthon, Iowa to have Matthew enjoy a swim in their pool with their grandson, Kael.  It was a special day and a day that this young missionary will never forget.

Here you see Old Missionary Gary and his buddy Matthew in front of our Boss here at the Lord’s Mission Central!