Special Service at Mission Central for Ascension Day Service on May 9th, 2024!

It was one of those special days that people came from the Mapleton and Denison Iowa Circuits and even a large group came from West Point, Nebraska!  It was a time to celebrate the Ascension of our dear Lord Jesus, who said, “Because I live you too will live!”

It was totally amazing how the Lord blessed this special event!  We were honored to have Rev. Chris Tiews from Leipzig, Germany come and be our special speaker at the service!  His presentation and pictures were so interesting, and the large crowd was amazed!  People came from all over Nebraska and Iowa.  In the attached pictures you will see part of the pastors and people in the barn museum. The parking lot was filled with cars and vehicles!!

We were so blessed to have The Honorable Fritz and Terri Johnk of Hornick, Iowa provide a wonderful Asian Meal and, in our pictures, you will see their special serving van!  

It was truly a special day that we will always remember!