Not Normal couple comes from Wisconsin to visit Mission Central

Why would a couple drive all the way out of their way to come to the Lord’s Mission Central…here in the hills of Western Iowa?  Why, because a missionary by the name of Rev. Ron Meyer told them about this MIRACLE place in the middle of nowhere!!!!

On Tuesday afternoon the 28th of July, Missionaries Bill and Leanne Hoeg from Wisconsin came to make a special trip here to see what the Lord has done with an old set of farm buildings in the hills of Western Iowa.  Bill worked as the Executive Assistant to the Honorable President Rev. Dr. Ronald Meyer, when he served Jesus as the President of the South Wisconsin District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

This special couple was so interested and we had such a good, good, good visit and these new friends will always have a special place in the heart of Old Missionary Gary.  After a tour of the facilities here, we had a special prayer together in the little chapel.  These “newly weds” of only one year enjoyed understanding how the Lord had brought them together at just the right time and they could clearly understand how the Lord was totally in charge of the Lord’s Mission Central.

Here you see our new friends in front of our Boss in Old Missionary Gary’s Office, and what a special blessing to have these dear new friends stop and spend the extra time here.